Natural Gas in 2013

Domestic and cleaner gas is replacing coal to power our electricity grids and replacing diesel to power trucks and vehicles.

What can we look forward to in the New Year? When it comes to energy efficiency, natural gas is sure to become a major player.

The natural gas boom is expected to continue through 2013, according to some reports.

“Domestic and cleaner gas is replacing coal to power our electricity grids and replacing diesel” to power trucks and vehicles.

Fuel providers are also looking to join the natural gas game. Shell recently announced its plans to invest heavily in liquefied natural gas. LNG is best with heavy duty trucks, and compressed natural gas is used to power passenger vehicles and corporate fleets.

What are the benefits of natural gas when used for┬átransportation? It costs 25 percent less than petroleum, and it’s also cleaner. For example, Weld County, Colorado says it received its first LNG truck in July 2012, and has already seen a 22 percent reduction in fuel costs which equals to a $25,000 a year in fuel savings per truck.

There are several obstacles in the way of natural gas including a need to widen the infrastructure, and the cost of conversion. But as technology develops, it seems that natural gas-fueled transportation is going to have a big year.

Source: Forbes

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