Mechanical Systems


As a business owner, improving the efficiency in your building, especially in mechanical equipment, can drastically change your bottom line. Our proactive approach to energy savings means that we maintain your existing equipment in peak condition, and evaluate and prioritize replacement of boilers, chillers, rooftop units, and process equipment to prevent costly break-downs and insure that you are able to operate your business and maintain production.


Commercial Heating & Cooling Systems

Most commercial buildings consume energy through heating and cooling systems, which need to be well-maintained and utilize up-to-date technology to operate efficiently.


Our qualified technicians can service any type of heating equipment from maintenance to complete installation service to reconfigure, retrofit or upgrade your HVAC equipment.


We also provide technical expertise and more efficient technology and design, and can help you reconfigure central plants, add variable speed drives, and convert to variable volume systems.


Process Energy Technologies

Efficient process technologies improve energy efficiency everywhere from agriculture and manufacturing industries. Understanding your process energy use begins with a process energy audit to determine baseline energy use, opportunities for energy savings, and process optimization.


We provide solutions that advance efficiency in businesses that use energy in their process including boilers, chillers, conveyor belts, and milling.


Compressed air is probably the most expensive form of energy available in an industrial plant because of its poor efficiency. Better maintenance and monitoring can increase compression efficiency, decrease air leakage or pressure, and lead to decreased operating temperatures, and better moisture control. Worldwide Energy offers solutions to reduce leaks in pipes and equipment, control strategies, and natural gas engine-driven air compressors.


Boilers are the heart of the steam generation system, and generally, substantial efficiency improvements are feasible. Our measures center on improved process control, reduced heat loss, and improved heat recovery. It is important to note that new boilers should usually be constructed in a custom configuration. Pre-designed boilers are often out-of-date designs that cannot be tuned to the needs of a particular steam system.


Commercial Refrigeration

More efficient commercial refrigeration systems can provide an effective way to reduce your monthly utility bill. In fact, commercial refrigeration accounts for 20 percent of all energy used in the world. Ideal for supermarkets, restaurants, and cold-storage warehouses, Fridgewize systems can reduce energy usage and overall carbon footprint.


These eco-friendly systems feature electronically commutated (EC) motors that, when used with controllers, can achieve savings of up to 85 percent. Fridgewize also offers anti-sweat heater control models to regulate doorframes and night covers for coolers. These innovative refrigeration technologies work to reduce your carbon footprint and saves money on monthly utility bills.


Air Stratification

Air stratification is one of the single largest users of heating energy in commercial buildings.


Ideal for warehouses, distribution centers, gymnasiums, and big box stores, our air zoo fans for air circulationstratification solution from Zoo Fans can help lower the cost of high ceilings.


Designed for ceilings up to 65’, Zoo Fans gently circulate large volumes of air throughout a building, and eliminates hot and cold spots by increasing the air comfort at floor level. By reducing workload of a building’s HVAC systems, most commercial building’s can save up to 30 percent on energy consumption, resulting in a quick payback. It can also reduce ongoing equipment maintenance and replacement costs.


Zoo Fans feature an attractive design, fire-resistant housing, and proprietary axial blades. The functional design also allows variable speed adjustments.


Zoo Fans can achieve increased comfort and reduce your carbon footprint by significantly lowering energy consumption and make your building noticeably more comfortable.


The ZOO Fans In-Ceiling Fan is a variable speed fan system for installation in drop-ceilings designed to offer destratification, additional circulation and the additional options of air filtration/purification. Recirculate the air you already paid to heat or cool – bring it down to your Zone Of Occupancy (ZOO) in a gentle, concise, easy-to-direct column.