Maine Business Owners Tout Value of Renewable Energy




Every aspect of the care of the Maple Hill Farm and its guests is informed by technologies and practices related to renewable energy and other sustainable initiatives.


A wind turbine towers over the woods. Solar panels line the rustic conference center’s roof. Rooms are lit by LED bulbs.


Maple Hill Farm, an inn and conference center in Hallowell, Maine, is one of a growing number of businesses taking energy costs into their own hands, employing a range of reusable energy sources – from solar panels, to wind turbines and pellet stoves – to save on ever rising energy costs and reduce their energy footprint.


The Maple Hill Farm had a combined solar hot water/solar electric system installed in 2007. This system generates about half of the facility’s electricity and most of the heat for hot water, and some radiant heating the winter as well.


“It’s a deep-rooted part of my personal philosophy,” Maple Hill Farm co-owner Scott Cowger said. “I believe we should all be doing our part, as individuals and businesses, to counter the effects of climate change.”



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Co-owner and innkeeper Scott Cowger with the Inn’s solar electric and hot water system



Source: Laurie Schreiber, Mainebiz