London Olympics Goes for the Green

The Water Polo Arena is just one of several energy-efficient buildings at the 2012 London Olympics.

What’s timelier than the 2012 London Olympics? Green energy of course! This year, the Organizing Committee and the Olympic Delivery Authority “set out to build new facilities with energy efficient, sustainable, and recyclable designs.”

The 500-acre Olympic Park is home to nine new sports facilities that will keep tens of thousands of spectators cool, and includes plenty of lights and hundreds of bathrooms.

Here are some of the things the Olympics is doing to cut down the watts and water to keep the world competition clean, green, and energy efficient.

  • The Velodrome uses a natural ventilation system using outside air and natural lighting during the day.
  • The Water Polo Arena is made of PVC, which is easily recyclable.
  • The Copper Box is made of 3,000 square meters of copper (mostly recycled), and has 88 pipes that bring in natural daylight, saving an annual 40% on lighting costs.

The London games are the most energy efficient Olympics to date especially with its recyclable facilities, and vision towards energy efficiency and sustainability.


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