Apps Open for $4 billion in Loan Guarantees for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Projects



The United States Department of Energy has started offering $4 billion in loan guarantees for energy efficiency, microgrid and renewable energy projects that avoid, reduce or sequester greenhouse gases.


The DOE is seeking energy efficiency and renewable energy projects that will incorporate new or improved technologies to substantially reduce greenhouse gases, advanced grid integration and storage like microgrids that reduce CO2 emissions at a system level, waste-to-energy projects that harness waste products like landfill methane as a source of energy, or enhancement of existing facilities projects that plan to improve a power projects or extend its lifetime.


The program is offering up to 80 percent of project costs. It is intended to leverage DOE support to maximize private co-lending. The DOE will accept applications in a two-step process under a round of deadlines with the first on October 1 and the last on March 2, 2016.


The loan guarantee program supports technologies that are catalytic, replicable and market-ready.


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