Lighting Retrofit Improves Hospitals’ Bottom Line

On average, lighting costs are 16 percent of hospitals total energy consumption, composing more than 40 percent of a hospitals electricity usage.

Large energy users, including hospitals, are seeing the benefits of lighting retrofits in their bottom lines. On average, lighting costs are 16 percent of hospitals’ total energy consumption; composing more than 40 percent of a hospital’s electricity usage.

“Two cost-saving techniques that hospital executives utilize are LED lights and harvesting natural light. In addition, linear fluorescent lighting is growing in demand in hospital energy improvement.”

Lighting retrofit projects can reduce a significant amount of kilowatts that are used, and the savings are significant especially in large energy users. Most lighting retrofit projects can be accomplished quickly depending on the size of the building, but you can also expect a quick payback.

“Small, energy efficient improvements can go a long way such as advancing lighting fixtures so that less wattage achieves the same brightness. Considering the thousands of fixtures that a hospital consists of, little efforts such as these can carry forth immense cost-saving benefits.”

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Source: Health Care Finance News

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