Lighting Controls for Your Business

Automated lighting can come in handy to businesses looking to reduce the costs of lighting systems. Lighting controls rely on consistent programming to ensure the lights are off when there are no occupants, and that lights stay at the appropriate level.

“Automated lighting isn’t limited to one design. Whether it’s an independent fixture control, a whole system circuit-level control, or connected individual fixture level controls, each one offers both benefits and drawbacks.”

Independent fixture controls utilize occupancy sensors to determine whether lights need to be on or off. These types of fixtures are easy to maintain since each sensor is self-contained, so there’s no software system to monitor. Utilizing this type of system can result in substantial savings.

In a whole system circuit-level control, all the fixtures are linked together, so they respond in a zoned area as one unit. Movement in one small part of the zone will trigger the lights in the entire zone to turn on. This type of system can be integrated with standard fixtures for more manual control of an area.

Connected individual fixture level controls are also known as smart lighting, a system that offers near limitless levels of customization. Each fixture is networked to a central place, which can monitor and control light usage remotely. Being able to control the lighting on such a sophisticated level can improve satisfaction immensely while still netting significant savings.

Source: Energy Manager Today


By Gaylen Davenport

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