LEED Green Buildings Growing

LEED certification continues to grow into a global standard for energy efficient buildings.

The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) rating system was designed 12 years ago to help architects, designers, and real estate firms “improve energy efficiency and increase the use of recycled materials and nontoxic paint into their projects.”

The LEED rating system has since grown into a global standard and powerful  accomplishment. Right now there are more than 14,000 LEED-certified commercial projects in 140 countries. Another 34,601 projects are in the pipeline in Northern California.

“The  green building sector will be a $280 billion global industry by the end of the decade,” said Aditya Ranade, a senior analyst with Lux Research in Boston.

But as LEED and efficient technology continues to grow, the Green Building Council is looking to update the rating system. The Council, a nonprofit of 14,000 member companies, proposed changes to the system in September, and will vote on the changes at the end of the year.

“The original idea behind LEED was to make buildings more energy efficient and reduce the carbon footprint of the built environment. But LEED-certified buildings, which are often filled with natural sunlight and access to fresh air, have proved to be popular with employees, improving concentration and boosting productivity.”

Having a greener building does not have to be a big project. Businesses can benefit from retrofitting their commercial building one focus at a time.

Source: Mercury News

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