LED Lights for Efficient Buildings

Smart buildings use integrated controls and automation to manage utility costs and improve efficiencies.

Light emitting diodes, or LEDs, are quickly becoming the go-to lighting fixture for energy efficient smart buildings.

Smart buildings, as defined by the IDC Energy Insights, use integrated controls and automation to operate equipment to manage costs and improve efficiencies. “Lighting is one of six key smart building technology segments… that enable building systems to respond to internal policies or even utility price signals.”

There are three benefits to using LED lights:

  • Energy Efficiency: LEDs have superior efficiency benefits in comparison to other kinds of lights
  • Operational Efficiency: an LED lighting system will lower utility bills and lasts far longer than traditional lighting
  • Corporate Benefits: energy savings generated by LEDs can help building owners meet emission reduction, corporate responsibility and sustainability goals

And while smart buildings are a significant venture, investing in energy efficient lighting is a start. LED retrofits are a great way to start saving on energy costs for building owners, and can help streamline operations and maintenance.

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Source: Green Biz

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