LED Lighting Increases Productivity

Light emitting diodes (LEDs) provide a longer life, and can reduce energy up to 70 percent compared to HID lights.

The benefits of LED just keep on giving. Sandia researchers recently published an article that showed how LED lighting increases productivity.

In the journal Energy Policy researchers at the Breakthrough Institute in Oakland Calif., showed that increased light availability leads to increased productivity.

LED lights are a definite improvement from outdated lighting fixtures, including the T12. Because of their unique design, light emitting diodes provides a longer life, and can reduce energy up to 70% compared to HID lights.

More importantly, LEDs enhances visibility, and provides better lighting that is often attributed to increased productivity. Ideal for any working environment, LEDs are also maintenance-free up to five years, and provides 50,000 lifetime hours. See what Worldwide Energy has to offer in LED lighting.

Source: Phys.org

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