LED Bulb Efficiency Surges

Thanks to falling prices and improved performance, LED bulbs are quickly gaining popularity with consumers and businesses alike. But are manufacturer’s skimping on light quality?


A recent report from the Department of Energy reviewed solid-state lighting. The report found that the technology behind A-type LED lamps has improved dramatically over the last five years. THe efficacy of LED bulbs database has nearly doubled, and the new LED bulbs has a median efficacy of 78 lumens, compared to 40 lumens per watt in 2009.


“More important to broad consumer acceptance, though, is brightness and bulbs that produce light in all directions — two areas that have historically been challenging for LED technology. Now, though, there are a number of products that produce as much light as traditional 75-watt or 100-watt bulbs. And while LEDs are best suited for giving off light in one direction, manufacturers have designed bulbs that mimic the omni-directional light of conventional bulbs.”


In a separate study, the DOE found that the price LED lights overall has fallen by more than 85 percent in the last five years.


Read more about the report at GreenTechMedia.

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