Largest Roof Top Solar Array in Kansas Coming to Merriam Ikea Store



A huge solar array is set to be installed on the roof of the enormous, soon to be completed, Ikea store being built in Merriam, KS.  The plans include placing 2,850 solar panels on the 92,000 square foot roof top as soon as the new roof is completed, most likely in late June.  This momentous solar installation should generate approximately 1.35 million kilowatt hours of energy each year, enough to power an average of 128 homes and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 930 tons.



Ikea: Bloomington, MN with solar array (photo courtesy of Ikea via The Kansas City Star)



This is not Ikea’s first venture into renewable energies, as solar energy systems are installed on 90 percent of all of their U.S. buildings.  Additionally, the company has installed geothermal technology to their Merriam location.


In a statement regarding the project, new store manager, Rob Parsons says, “We are excited about furthering our sustainability commitment with solar panels on the future Merriam store…As is the case with geothermal, solar energy will reduce greatly the store’s energy needs and carbon footprint as well as contribute to our vision of creating a better everyday life for many.”

Source: Kevin Collison, The Kansas City Star
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