KCP&L Missouri Rebate Program Update: FAQ



The KCP&L rebate program to assist businesses in becoming more energy-efficient has been in place for over eight years.  Every month, a portion of your electric bill payment to KCP&L goes to fund this program, so you are participating in the program whether or not you are taking advantage of the rebates available for funding your own projects.


The next phase of rebate program changes for Missouri’s legacy program will take place in the next few weeks.  KCP&L anticipates approval for their modifications to the program to become effective in early June.  Worldwide Energy is here to provide you with the information needed to guide you through the transition and ensure you are maximizing on potential rebates.




Frequently Asked Questions



What does this mean for you, as a business in the KCP&L covered area?

It means you only have a few weeks to evaluate if your business would benefit from the existing program before the changes go into effect.


What can you do to capitalize on the existing rebate program?

As mentioned, the program will still be in existence, but changes will impact companies who need to upgrade from T12 technology.  If your Missouri business wants to take advantage of the rebate program, you will need to work quickly over the coming weeks.  Worldwide Energy is certified in the KCP&L Energy Efficiency Rebate Program, as well as accredited through the Better Business Bureau as a reputable source for helping you with your energy saving projects.


Why move in an energy efficient direction?

Surely, we don’t have to convince you of the impact energy efficiency can have on your success.  Over the last several years, Worldwide Energy has been able to save clients thousands of dollars on energy costs.  The money saved in energy costs can be used instead toward profit-generating endeavors!


Where do I go from here?

There are two options available:


First option:  Let us help you!  Our goal at Worldwide Energy is to offer products and services that will save your organization money over the course of a few months to a few years.  We have a certified staff and use only the best installation crews to offer you a turnkey solution, providing you savings through energy efficient lighting, HVAC, building envelope solutions, solar energy, and natural gas improvements.  In addition to being KCP&L’s leading procurer of rebates, we also offer our expertise in the area of filing for EPAct tax incentives and bonus depreciation benefits.  We will not push you for sales, rather guide you to your future energy savings.


Second option:  Fail to act now and experience the full magnitude of rate increases when changes are implemented.  Additionally, you will find it increasingly difficult to find replacement T12 technology as it will soon be altogether extinct, forcing you to eventually upgrade your facility anyway.




We are here to help you through this energy transition!  Let our experts do the work for you and bring your facility to current standards.  Call our office today to arrange a complimentary facilities audit with an energy savings expert and get on your way to collecting the KCP&L rebate before it is too late.





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