KC Mayor Issues Energy Challenge



Did you know that Kansas City has 32 buildings that are ENERGY STAR 2013 certified? This accounts for more than 16 million square feet of space. Even with this good start, there is a lot more the city could be doing. KC is not even ranked in the top 25 cities for ENERGY STAR rated buildings. Mayor Sly James has issued a challenge that wants to help change that.



ENERGY STAR is a very important metric that allows a good comparison between similar buildings. By entering a building’s information into the portfolio manager tool, a rating is generated, from 1-100. The number equated to the percentage of energy efficiency. City Hall, for example, had a rating of 92 in 2012. This means that it is more energy efficient than 92% of similar buildings, which is quite an impressive feat.



Buildings that achieve a score of 75 or better may apply for ENERGY STAR certification.



So, the question is then, why go through the process? Most importantly, it can save building owners and tenants a whole lot of money. The EPA has estimated that the top 25 cities in 2013 saved over $1.4 billion in energy costs. Secondly, it is good for the environment. Those same 25 cities reduced 7.3 million metric tons in greenhouse gas emissions. Lastly, it helps the building/tenants/company’s public image.



Mayor Sly James has recently issued a challenge to get buildings bench-marked by ENERGY STAR.



The Mayor’s Energy Challenge invites businesses and institutions in Kansas City to benchmark their energy consumption.



The goal of the challenge is that 200 buildings will commit to getting an ENERGY STAR rating and that 50 of those buildings will achieve ENERGY STAR certification.



All Kansas City, Missouri buildings are can participate in the challenge. Not all buildings are eligible for an ENERGY STAR rating because buildings that are rated must be compared to similar buildings nationwide. In cases where the building is not eligible for an ENERGY STAR rating, buildings will receive credit for participating in the challenge.



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Source: KC Energy Project