Kansas City to Take Part in National Energy Efficiency Program



Friday afternoon, Mayor Sly James announced that Kansas City will be one of ten cities across the country to participate in the City Energy Project, a program that sets up policies and resolutions that will increase energy efficiency.  The project will help cities ultimately by tracking energy usage among various buildings, then comparing a building’s inefficiencies with a similar, more efficient building.


In hopes to propel the success of the City Energy Project, the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce is also launching a program called the Kansas City Initiative.  The goal of this project is to provide business owners with the resources needed to become more green, for instance: enabling benchmarking partnerships between different buildings, providing information on available rebates and incentives, and hosting energy workshops.


With fifty local buildings, (Hallmark Cards Inc., UMKC, KC Public Schools, and St. Luke’s Health System to name a few,) already set to participate, Mayor James’ goal is to have two hundred buildings participating in the project by the end of 2016.  The city’s chief environmental officer expects that by the year 2030, (providing goals are met over the next three years,) participating buildings will save around $50 million each year in energy costs.


KCP&L will begin rolling out energy efficiency programs in Missouri on July 6th.  Call our offices today at 913.310.0705 to learn more about the rebate opportunities and incentives available for your business, and take advantage of these new energy efficiency programs happening in our city!



Source: Austin Alonzo, Kansas City Business Journal

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