Kansas City Solar Energy Installation


Government officials in Kansas City, MO have paired up with Renusol America for a major solar panel installation project to be completed by the end of June this year.  Solar panels will be installed on 36 of the 80 municipal buildings in Kansas City, including those that house police, fire, and park operations.  Installation will also take place on some government office buildings, structures within the University of Missouri-Kansas City, MRI Global, and finally a local Community Center.  In total, the city is expected to save $40,000 in electricity costs during the first year alone from the energy generated by the solar panels.


This project is made possible due to Kansas City’s Climate Protection Plan, adopted in 2008.  The Climate Protection Plan is one of the first of its kind in the country.  The purpose of the action plan is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from municipal buildings.  The ultimate goal proposed is to eventually place solar panels on all of the city’s 80 municipal buildings.  In doing so, a projected 2,200 metric tons of emissions will be reduced from city structures.



Read the article from RenewableEnergyFocus.com to learn more about the solar technologies used by Renusol America in the installation project.


Discover more about Kansas City’s Climate Protection Plan here.




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Source: RenewableEnergyFocus.com

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