Kansas City to Participate in Multi-City Energy Project



Kansas City is one of the ten major U.S. cities to participate in the City Energy Project in an effort to significantly increase energy efficiency in buildings.  The City Energy Project is being conducted by a partnership of the Natural Resources Defense Council, (NRDC,) and the Institute for Market Transformation.  The building sector uses the most energy of any other sector today, at roughly 40% of total energy consumption.  However, that number can increase to as much as 75% in a major city.


Cliff Majersik, executive director of IMT states in explanation of the project, “”We have the skills and technology to make buildings more efficient, but we need a coordinated effort by major cities and the private sector to make it happen.”


The ten cities set to participate thus far include: Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Houston, Kansas City, Los Angeles, Orlando, Philadelphia, and Salt Lake City, with the hopes of more to come.  As participants in the project, each of these ten cities will receive funding to hire a full-time consultant that will create a customized energy efficiency plan and will work with consultants hired in other cities to compare practices.


The City Energy Project hopes to cut unnecessary energy expenditure across the country, which would help the U.S. to compete with other energy leaders around the world.  The main focus of the project will be to retrofit existing large buildings, as those tend to consume the most energy. The project will impact hundreds of thousands of buildings across the country, and the linking of efficiency systems is projected to have a huge impact on lowering carbon pollution.


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Source: Sustainable Business News, GreenBiz.com


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