The “Internet of Things” and How it Can Save You Money



The connection of non-computer devices is not a new idea, but it is becoming more mainstream thanks largely to the decline in sensor prices, advances in wireless network technology, and the emergence of cloud computing platforms.  The “Internet of Things” has truly infinite potential, with examples including everything from sensors in cars reporting performance data, to water monitors detecting illegal dumping into sewage systems, and even wind sensors detecting data from turbines to achieve accurate forecasts of output.  The application possibilities are truly limitless.


One of the most beneficial uses of this technology is for facility maintenance and determining energy usage.  Having access to this information would give building managers more control over how energy is being used in addition to keeping them aware of any equipment problems.  Potential devices that could be connected in an effort of increasing efficiency include: lighting, security, thermostats, daylight sensors, meters, air-quality sensors, and mechanical systems.


In addition to saving by means of efficiency, having remote access to your facility’s devices could save on maintenance costs, keeping you aware of the status of your equipment before degradation sets in.  Also, the ability to keep up with your building’s overall standing from a distance saves on the expense of regular maintenance checks.


The “Internet of Things” is being incorporated on a larger, city-wide scale in some cases in an effort to enhance sustainability.  Both Paris and Amsterdam are working with smart streetlights, using motion sensors to save energy.  In Barcelona, smart parking projects are expected to reduce city air pollutants, and in Dublin, Ireland a system is being designed to reduce water leakage by analyzing pressure sensor data.  Remote monitoring is only expected to expand and grow, with applications on all levels, from the small scale residential thermostat to lighting up a complete city.


Source: Green Biz, Martin LaMonica




Experts at Worldwide Energy have developed a cloud-based system called WE Connect, specifically designed to create savings by allowing for both central and remote control of a facility’s energy use, particularly when it comes to HVAC systems.  Call our offices today at 913.310.0705 to learn more about how the WE Connect system can save your facility on both energy usage and maintenance.

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