Insulation Often Overlooked, but Fundamental to Energy Efficiency



The North American Insulation Manufacturers Association, (NAIMA,) put out a press release prior to Earth Day in hopes of reminding the public of the benefits quality insulation installation can have on a building.  Although there are many ways to increase energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, proper insulation that completely seals the building is one of most easily achieved and readily available efficiency enhancer.


With buildings accounting for 40% of energy use worldwide, anything that could be done to lower their greenhouse gas emissions would have a huge impact overall.  In addition to the obvious environmental interest, numerous other benefits have been shown to come from proper insulation.  A Harvard University School of Public Health study determined proper insulation in buildings helped to limit affect of outside pollutants which bettered the health of occupants.  Also, insulation can enhance acoustics in a facility.  A detailed environmental benefits list can be found NAIMA website.


Scott Miller, chairman of NAIMA’s sustainability committee, said regarding benefits of proper insulation, “It is not an overstatement to say that we can insulate our way to a brighter future and at the same time, control our increasing energy costs…Insulation is a simple solution to a weighty global challenge, reducing energy use and greenhouse gas emissions, but it clearly offers a myriad of benefits,” (NAIMA, courtesy of




Worldwide Energy can help your facility with all of it’s building envelope needs to ensure optimal efficiency.  Read more here or call our experts at 913.310.0705.

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