Guest Post: Reasons for Businesses to Switch to Solar Energy

May 13, 2013

Many businesses are converting to solar energy to provide cleaner fuels for the company employees, and to reduce costs. In some states there are even tax and money incentives that give businesses the push to switch to solar energy. In some cases, grants are also awarded to help with costs. But there are many other reasons to consider changing to solar energy.

In some offices, solar energy reduces or eliminates high electric bills every month. And in businesses where the bottom line matters, this can amount to large savings. It is similar to paying for future energy saving years down the line by investing in solar panels or a system for your business.

Government incentives and the low costs of solar products are another reason why it is a good time to think about converting. When you get money back or some money from the government, this is a return on your investment. Solar systems, once installed, require little maintenance so you save on this aspect too. This is especially true on panels and systems that do not use batteries. Many solar panels carry 25-year or more warranties. You will use less energy heating the business, thus again saving money.

Many customers and people in the community support green energy so converting can have good results on your business image. This means it can attract new customers and provide good employee relations. Installations are sometimes expensive and cost reduction is not always seen immediately. So when converting do so to support a clean environment and because you believe in a better energy source. Sometimes it is part of a long range goal that requires patience. In some cases, businesses and corporations can get a 30 percent tax credit on purchases of a system.

Sometimes installing solar energy is for saving in the years ahead. Businesses often install solar energy for different reasons, but the top ones include supporting clean energy. The second is again saving money and good community relations. This energy can produce electricity without greenhouse gas emissions. These gases pollute the environment and the air we breathe.

Solar systems use a clean energy source, the sun. This energy is free to those that install solar energy systems. It does not require ordering or using raw materials like gas, oil, and coal for heat and other uses. This produces a self-reliant business not really dependent on suppliers and networks. It has some limits because some areas have more sunlight than others.

Often with solar energy you can go on or off the grid. This means that you can remain connected to a utility company or not be. When not connected, you rely solely on the solar energy system you have installed. Off the grid systems are often used in rural areas and are beneficial in these locations.

Using solar energy does create jobs and a new source for revenue. This in turns helps the community overall in a positive way. These are some of the many reasons businesses should switch to solar energy.

This is a guest post by Liz Nelson from She is a freelance writer and blogger from Houston. Questions and comments can be sent to


By Gaylen Davenport

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