Green Your (Small) Business

Going green can be as easy as reducing office waste, increasing energy efficiency, and conserving water.

We know “going green” can be beneficial to your business in many ways such as saving on utility bills and reducing energy usage. So how can a small business start going green? Here are a few tips to get your businesses started.

Lay the groundwork for your energy efficient vision. This can include making sure you’re obeying the law, and staying on top of federal and state environmental requirements. Then write an environmental vision statement to guide your green efforts, and rally the troops to ensure employee participation, which is essential to any successful initiative.

Reduce office waste by using fewer products and raw materials for administrative operations. And create a reuse and recycling culture.

Increase energy efficiency by conducting an energy audit to see your energy usage. Lower your energy needs by encouraging others to turn off lights, computers, and other devices when not in use, especially after hours. More importantly, buy energy-efficient equipment, such as lighting, that can lower costs up to 60%. Proper insulation and ensuring proper heating and cooling in the business are essential as well.

Reduce and conserve water by fixing water leaks routinely. Conducting a water audit may be one of the first steps to fix leaks. Promoting water-efficient landscaping and water-saving practices such as low-flow aerators or reusing water.


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Worldwide provides clients complete turnkey energy efficiency evaluation and solutions. Our focus is in energy saving measures that offer the most savings and financial incentives, creating a rapid return on investment. What sets Worldwide apart is our ability to design, install and certify our installations to qualify for the Federal tax incentives for energy efficiency, then provide the documentation necessary to secure the tax incentives. Worldwide has recently entered the renewable energy field at the request of several of our clients.

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