Going Green: Good for the Environment and PR



Companies are going green, not only to help the environment, but to help their public image.


One of the reasons more and more companies are making the decision to join the green movement is that it helps attract customers. Customers like to buy products and services from companies that are concerned about the environment. Simply going paperless can help companies attract customers to their brand.



It’s also important to note that not only customers are concerned with a company’s public image. Job seekers are also concerned with companies’ practices. If a company cares about the environment, that company is more likely to care about their employees, as well. This is an important factor to many people seeking employment. Young professionals, just like customers, are much more likely to work with companies who have the same values as they do.



Going green doesn’t have to have a huge upfront cost. There are lots of simple ways and practices companies can implement to help reduce costs and help the environment as well. Cutting back on the amount of paper that is used by the company is one easy way to start. Going paperless is one of the biggest changes in many companies today. It cuts out a lot of waste, but also there is potential for huge savings from not having to buy paper or ink, plus repairs on printers. Implementing digital communication helps cut back on the amount of paper used both internally and externally. Also, simple things like turning off lights when leaving a room can help reduce utility costs.



Many companies are going green in part because it helps improve their image within the community. The better a company’s public image, the more likely it is that that company will be successful. Environmental sustainability is a buzz topic in today’s news, so it’s important for companies to make an effort to get involved.



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Going green


Source: ExploreB2B.com