Going Green is Good for Branding

Sustainable and energy-efficient practices provide great benefits to any company.

Becoming green is not just something nice to do for the environment; it’s fast becoming a responsible business activity. Sustainability is important from a business growth perspective, costs and margins perspective, and brand perspective, wrote Mark Bernstein of MMW, a public relations firm.

Bernstein, who is the Senior VP of MWW’s Energy, Clean Tech and Sustainability Practice, discussed a recent poll in which about 90 percent of respondents felt a responsibility to better the planet, and 37 percent would choose a company based on their environmental practices.

So adopting sustainable practices not only reduces energy and waste, but can also reduce costs, risks, and adds to profits. And that’s before the marketing and sales appeal takes effect.

Two key take-aways from this article is that “companies who aren’t thinking about their environmental impact should be” and those businesses that are becoming energy efficient should provide that information to consumers to help them make more informed decisions.

“Not only will this be good for the environment, it can be good for business. It can fuel sales growth, foster brand loyalty, and when done correctly, reduce operating costs. Green companies are seen as citizens of the world, rather than consumers of the environment. And that’s the kind of reputation any business should strive to build.”

Source: MWW Return on Investment

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