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Fujifilm Recording Media U.S.A., Inc. has completed its third solar energy installation in the United States on their Bedford, MA manufacturing facility with the assistance from two local clean-energy integrators.  The solar array consisted of 1,870 modules which is expected to produce approximately 644,000 kWh each year.  The environmental savings will add up substantially over the next twenty years, equating to the amount of carbon offset by 7,280 acres of U.S. forest in a year.  Additionally, the carbon emission savings could be compared to the amount expelled in nearly twenty-one million miles driven by average passenger vehicles.


A ribbon cutting event is set to take place to honor the project with local congressmen, town representatives, and even the Consulate General of Japan in Boston.  In a greeting letter from the Governor of Massachusetts, Deval Patrick,  he expresses the economic benefits that come with clean energy projects like this one, “Clean energy technology is central to our economic development strategy in Massachusetts, and our success in solar power is a prime example of that. We are using all the levers at our disposal to make solar power an option for residents, businesses, and institutions. Together, we must continue to choose growth and invest in a sustainable tomorrow in order to grow our economy and preserve the Bay State we call home,” (Solar Daily.)


Along with sizable expected energy usage and maintenance cost savings,  Fujifilm will be using the utilities net energy metering program which will provide the company with long-term utility savings benefits.  This solar installation is only a small piece of Fujifilm’s overall green energy plan, whose greenhouse gas target is to reduce carbon pollution by 30% by 2020, (compared to 2005 emissions.)


While Fujifilm is a huge, multinational company, companies of all sizes can truly benefit from utility savings incurred with a solar installation.  Likewise, the environmental impacts of companies switching to renewable energy grow exponentially with each solar installation.


Worldwide Energy’s experts in solar panel installation can assist your company in making the change to renewables, saving you in utility costs and reducing CO2 emissions.  Call our offices today at 913.310.0705 to set up your comprehensive energy audit.



Source: Solar Daily


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