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Upon completion of a new wind farm currently being constructed, General Motors’ factories in Mexico will be run on renewable, clean wind energy.  Seventeen turbines are expected to create 34MW, which is enough energy to support GM’s 104 acre Toluca Complex in addition to powering three other local factories.  The company sees exceptional benefits to using wind power in Mexico on top of the standard utility savings and obvious environmental impacts, “There’s also a good business case as prices for traditional power are about a third greater than the U.S. … Once online, we’ll evaluate the project to better understand how we can expand the use of wind power,” (Rob Threlkeld, GM’s Global Manager of Renewable Energy.)


With this most recent green project, General Motors will be completing their 2020 renewable energy goal, (four years in advance,) of using 125 MW of renewables and doubling solar energy use as of 2011.  Other renewable energy projects GM has invested in include multiple solar arrays at Ohio plants, (containing 8500 solar panels capable of producing 2.2MW,) and a 1.8MW array in Toledo, Ohio.  Additionally, numerous plants across the Midwest are partially run on energy produced by nearby landfills.  GM is also responsible for the largest LED conversion in North America, where the lights will be run by way of a wireless control system to prevent any wasted electricity.


As one of the worldwide business leaders in renewable energy, GM has recently paired with other mega-corporations, like IKEA and HP, who are making environmentally friendly changes to their business models with a shared goal to double corporate renewables by 2025.  The top 25 companies for solar capacity have impressive statistics, GM holding its own in second place, in the category of percentage of building powered by solar at 43%, (behind only IKEA who has a whopping 90% of facilities powered by solar energy.)


Massive Solar Installation Kansas City Photo - Worldwide Energy


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