Free Building Energy Tools Gain Ground

Energy benchmarking is becoming a must for large cities, with Boston being the latest one. Benchmarking mandates the measurement and disclosure of energy use for large buildings, and is meant to help building owners understand their energy use better, and to take action in poorly performing buildings.

In an effort to inspire action, the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab is developing tools to help inspire action. The most recent being EnergyIQ, which allows commercial users to benchmark their buildings and identify efficiency opportunities.

Using EnergyIQ, owners or managers “pick their parameters of a peer group across 62 different building types, including geography, size, vintage and operating hours.”

Other free or low-cost tools are also being developed for energy benchmarking including Noseis, Energy Deck, and Honest Buildings. Currently, Portfolio Manager is the primary benchmarking tool to meet the requirements set forth by local governments.

Source: Green Tech Media


By Gaylen Davenport

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