Feature Client: Mid-America Car

Each month, Worldwide Energy features a client that we have worked with to showcase not only our portfolio, but also our client’s business.

Project Scope:

Mid-America Car provides locomotive and freight car overhaul, maintnenace and wreck repair. The company has several buildings including a service shop, and paint booth with outdated and inefficient lighting fixtures, including T12 bulbs. Goals for the project included reducing energy usage and operating costs, and increasing foot candle readings in all areas.

Worldwide Energy retrofitted the buildings with premium T5 reflectors, plasma fixtures, and LED lamps. Motion sensors were also installed for added savings. Rebates and incentives were filed to offset the investment.

Lighting Upgrade Savings:

  • 242,341 kWh saved
  • Cut demand usage in half
  • Even lighting distribution
  • Reduced 243,862 pounds of carbon dioxide

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