Energy Efficiency Regulations

Energy Efficiency Regulations

A few days ago, the Department of Energy banned the manufacture and import of T12 lights to the U.S. This was in an effort to encourage consumers and businesses to retrofit their current lighting system into something more efficient, such as the T8 or T5 fluorescent lamps.

As great as the benefits are, a recent opinion piece written by Ted Gayer argues the opposite. His position is that the mandated energy efficiency standards for products such as vehicles, clothes dryers, and air conditioners are more harmful to consumers.

Is his argument a legitimate concern? If so, how can we, nationally and internationally,

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promote more energy efficient alternatives?

At Worldwide Energy, we see many clients who are happy and pleased once they retrofit their commercial buildings and offices. Their electric bills are typically cut in half, and the see a large return on investment in just a couple of years. Finding energy efficient alternatives is not a good thing, but a great thing.

Here is just a small list of benefits:

  • Up to 50% reduction in energy costs
  • Increase productivity with better light
  • Up to 60% more light with even distribution
  • Short return on investment (12-24 months)


Source: US News

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