Energy Efficiency and Commercial Real Estate: Saving Money while Attracting Tennants




While all businesses have the potential to see huge savings on energy costs upon performing energy efficiency upgrades to their facilities, those in the commercial real estate business have an unique benefit to going greener.  Commercial real estate companies who upgrade their buildings’ energy efficiency increase their desirability to future tenants.  Property managers are able to offer tenants more attractive pricing on leases while showcasing new and efficient technologies, keeping their units fully occupied and maximizing profit.


Steps to maximize profits through ENERGY EFFICIENCY:



1. Have a professional energy audit completed on your properties. 


The first step to maximizing profits is to become more familiar with how inefficiently your buildings are currently operating.  Upon touring your facilities, a reputable, certified energy auditor from Worldwide Energy will assess areas of opportunity within your lighting and energy systems.  We will determine how much energy is needlessly being drained, and provide you with ways to improve efficiency.  While there are a variety of assessments and levels of audits available to you, Worldwide Energy’s complimentary energy audit includes:


  • Collecting appropriate utility information to determine utility rate
  • Viewing floor plans or CAD drawing to assess layout, square footage, and overall orientation of the facility
  • Counting and inspecting lighting fixtures per area, calculating square footage (if plans not available), ceiling height, and lighting levels
  • Compiling all data into our proprietary energy software to determine energy savings opportunities


2.  Review your building analysis and chose the retro-fit and upgrade option that suits your facility the best. 


Our energy specialists will provide you with an in-depth analysis of your current systems and will make recommendations on how to improve overall efficiency.  From simple lamp swaps to fixture upgrades, to the use of sensors and advanced controls, Worldwide Energy will provide you with options that will lower your facilities’ annual utility costs, reduce carbon emissions, and make for a more pleasant, (and often safer,) environment for your tenants.



3. Secure utility rebates and tax incentives to help with upfront costs on your project.


Many incentives and rebates are often available for commercial businesses looking to reduce energy use, but the application process can be difficult and time consuming.  Worldwide Energy’s specialists are experienced in the process and familiar with the utility companies.  This allows us to secure those incentives on your behalf, which insures you receive the maximum financial savings available, without the hassle.  Additionally, working with a qualified firm like ours provides you with numerous other financing options available to fit any budget.



Start maximizing your profits today by scheduling your comprehensive energy audit now.  Save money on utilities, attract potential tenants, and reduce carbon emissions at the same time.



Ivy Animal Hospital (BEFORE lighting upgrade)

Ivy Animal Hospital (AFTER lighting upgrade)


Client Testimonial:

“The lighting system is performing exactly as represented by [Worldwide Energy], and is a great improvement over the outdated fluorescent lights that it replaced. We found every aspect of our dealings with Worldwide Energy to be excellent in all respects, and we look forward to another project together.”

-Albert W. Zimmer, III, Zimmer Realty Company



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