Eastern Kansas Technical College Installs Solar Panels


Flint Hills Technical College (FHTC), in eastern Kansas, installed solar panels earlier this month. The panels will be yet another addition to the college’s move towards being self-sufficient and energy efficient.


Amy Becker, the director of sustainability and community education, said, “This move is the next in line for the goals the college set when they begun building at the new locations more than two years ago. This is the last piece of the puzzle for us. The design for the building was to use only as much power as it generates. It’s a unique building.”


The building was designed by architecture students from Kansas State University to be energy efficient.


There are six geothermal wells on the campus, which are drilled 200 feet into the ground, and combined with one single wind turbine, as well as the newly installed solar panels, the college is expected to add back to the grid.


FHTC is one of the first colleges in the state to enroll and be approves for Westar Energy’s solar program. Any extra power that is generated by the college will go back into Westar’s grid, which will result in a rebate for the college.

Tech school installs solar panels

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Source: The Emporia Gazette