Difference in Customer Service

I read today in the Kansas City Chamber of Commerce’s Business Intelligence Brief a short story regarding customer service experiences. Here is the story:

Feeling Your Pain

The last 24 hours have been instructive – some lessons on customer service from both the really bad to the really good. As I was trying to leave my home airport I discovered too late that I had entered the wrong gate complex. I fly about three times a week – every week. In all that time I had never entered a different gate complex and force of habit carried me to the usual place. I am through TSA inspection before realizing my error and it is at this point that some delightful TSA guy goes into a tirade about it not being their fault and that I have to check the monitors. It is a rant. At no point did I hint this was their problem, I just wanted to get to the right place. Customer ServiceWhen I finally exit and reenter the other gate the TSA guys wanted to know who stamped my boarding pass – seems that it WAS their fault and he should never have let me in the gate in the first place. Another exciting interaction with the TSA.

Another incident was when a very harried business guy is trying to hustle through the lobby of the Radisson in Rockford, Illinois. He is failing miserably in his attempt to be a multi-tasker as he is juggling his bags, a cell phone and a cup of coffee. You can imagine what happens next. The coffee is now all over his shirt and he exclaims in horror that he is to make a major presentation in less than an hour. The clerk behind the desk leaps behind the door and comes back with clean and pressed white shirt that he keeps there in case he needs a change. The guy now has a new shirt and while he was at the meeting the clerk had the coffee stained shirt cleaned and pressed and ready for him (he was not asked to do this and there was no charge). Was the hotel at fault in any way for this guy’s misfortune? Did it matter? The goal was to take care of the customer – period.

I couldn’t help but be concerned about the care and attention we give our clients here at Worldwide Energy. Throughout our process we aim to provide our clients with impeccable, turnkey service.

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