Determining the Value of a Lighting Investment



Engineered Products Co., (a supplier of specialty products to electrical contractors and distributors,) recently posted a series of blogs with the purpose of helping facility managers to decide whether or not investing in a lighting efficiency upgrade would be profitable to their businesses.  The four-part blog series is worth an examination and provides beneficial information on things to consider when looking into a lighting upgrade.



Part I urges facility managers to get a solid grasp on energy usage and demand by way of a professional lighting audit.  A change in lighting demand as well as over-lighting a facility can have a huge effect on lighting expense, and a thorough lighting audit completed by an experienced and qualified professional would find inefficiencies your facility may be experiencing.


Worldwide Energy’s complimentary energy audit includes:


  1. Collecting appropriate utility information to determine utility rate
  2. Viewing floor plans or CAD drawing to assess layout, square footage, and overall orientation of the facility
  3. Counting and inspecting lighting fixtures per area, calculate square footage (if plans not available), ceiling height, and lighting levels
  4. Compiling all data into our proprietary energy software to determine energy savings opportunity



(Learn more about various types of energy audits available as well as our Energy Audit Best Practices here.)



Part II encourages facility managers to look outward at the value a lighting upgrade can bring. They suggest looking at energy spending at similar facilities in your area and examining how increasing your building’s efficiency can make your facility more desirable to tenants.  WEI took a closer look at this factor in a recent blog, Energy Efficiency and Commercial Real Estate: Saving Money while Attracting Tenants.



Part III suggests that facility managers consider performing other efficiency upgrades at the same time as their lighting upgrade, such as including superior lighting controls and/or a new HVAC system.  On their blog, Engineered Products Co. explains, “Building Owners and Facility managers can often improve their chances of approval for a lighting system upgrade by combining it with other capital projects to buoy energy savings and minimize disruptions in the long-term. Smaller projects may save money in the short term, but may not be prudent long-term. The point is when there’s going to be a disruption, you want to get as much done as the budget can handle. Combining elective projects such as lighting system upgrades with non-elective projects such as upgrading the HVAC system makes sense.”



Part IV discusses two additional benefits that can play a role in the decision to invest in a lighting upgrade, the potential for an increase in productivity from employees as well as lower maintenance cost and longer bulb lifespan.  While both of these benefits are factors that should be considered in proposing a lighting upgrade, they merely play a supporting role to the previously discussed justifications.



Stop by the Engineered Products Co. blog to read more on determining the value of a lighting investment for your facility.  Contact Worldwide Energy’s specialists when you are ready for your energy audit.  We can provide you with all of the information and tools necessary to making an informed decision on improving your building’s efficiency.