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Dave Littleton Ford


Littleton Ford Plasma Case Study

(Smithville, MO)


About the Client


Dave Littleton Ford is a certified Ford dealership in Smithville. They have a large outdoor
showroom that needed new lighting to display their inventory in a more attractive light, while saving energy.


A total of forty 1000 watt and 400 watt HID light fixtures were replaced with 24 plasma fixtures and twelve 1000 watt floods were upgraded to pulse-start HID technology. Light emitting plasma fixtures produce bright, full color spectrum light for beautiful displays with a broad distribution, so fewer fixtures were needed to produce the desired light levels.



  • Reduced fixture count
  • Broad distribution of light
  • Reduced 146,799 pounds of carbon dioxide
  • 65 percent of project cost paid with rebates and incentives


Cost Savings:

    • About $50,000 in rebates and incentivesLittleton-Ford-Exterior-Lighting-Retrofit-1024x576
    • Annual kW savings of 79,288
    • Annual utility savings of more than $9,000


By Gaylen Davenport

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