Cost of Electricity on the Rise, Save Money with Lighting Retrofit



The Energy Information Administration, (EIA,) released their Short-Term Energy and Summer Fuels Outlook in April, and the results don’t bode well for electricity costs in the future, particularly for those large, inefficient commercial facilities consuming great amounts of energy.  The EIA’s report predicted a 5.1 percent increase from 2013’s electricity prices by the year 2015.  Further, the 5.1 percent increase is a nation-wide prediction, with local cost increases drastically higher than that due to variations in weather and other factors.


While at first glance a 5 percent increase in cost might not seem like a lot, large-scale commercial buildings could see thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars added to their yearly utility bills.  Conversely, smaller facilities might not see that large of a number added to their annual energy costs, however overall impact of the rise in prices is the same. No matter the size of your facility, the affect of an increase of this degree will exponentially increase operating expense.


One of the easiest ways to combat these rising electricity costs is with an energy-efficiency lighting retrofit.  By simply replacing current lamps with more energy-efficient technology, you can cut markedly cut lighting costs, by as much as fifty percent in some cases.  “As the cost of each kilowatt-hour of electricity rises, the value of each kilowatt-hour saved increases as well,” (PR Web.)


Additionally, by performing a lighting retrofit now, your facility will be protected by the certain continual rise of electricity pricing in the future, not to mention the retirement of outdated lighting technology that will no longer be available for replacement, forcing you into efficient lighting in the future anyway.  Protect yourself from unnecessary rise in utility costs and invest that savings back into your company.


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Source: Rising Electricity Costs Highlight Need for Energy-Efficient Lighting Retrofits, PR Web

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