WE Connect: Remote Energy Monitoring to Increase Savings



WE Connect is Worldwide Energy’s own proprietary Building Energy Management System, or BEMS.  It is designed to monitor energy usage, particularly by HVAC systems.   What makes WE Connect such a useful tool in energy management and efficiency is that it is cloud-based, allowing for both central and remote monitoring of a facility’s energy use.  Having continual access to the building’s energy use, a facility manager can be constantly improving its efficiency and reducing wasted energy.  This leads to utility and operating cost savings in addition to reduced spending on maintenance needs.



WE Connect Remote



The system not only monitors but also manages several aspects of a facility’s HVAC system including: air control, air connect, load control, cool connect, and cool control.


Air Control

  • Advanced HVAC thermostat control algorithms
  • Remote settings & scheduling
  • Smart Recovery
  • Communication between thermostats


Air Connect

  • Connects sensors to the Internet
  • Diagnose problems remotely
  • Receive alarms when there are issues
  • Detailed data logging
  • Monitor values in real time


Load Control

  • Smart remote scheduling
  • Variety of applications
  • Ideal for lighting, fans, pumps, irrigation, and motors


Cool Connect

  • Designed for refrigeration contractors
  • Sensors for refrigeration units, chiller, or freezer
  • Communicates through Cellular Technology
  • Compliant data logging
  • Detailed temperature data
  • Quick and easy install


Cool Control

  • Advanced refrigeration control algorithms
  • Highly programmable locally or remotely
  • Monitors temperatures, pressures, setpoints, compressor status, and defrost cycles



By taking charge of monitoring and managing your building’s system, you begin taking charge of utility savings.  Our WE Connect technology is leading the way for other energy-efficient products because it is affordable, effective, and provides real energy use reductions.  Call our offices today at 913.310.0705 to learn more about how WE Connect can help you efficiently manage your facility’s mechanical systems.

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