College Campuses Turning to LED Lighting for Safety



A major concern among students and faculty on college campuses is safety, particularly at night.  With late night classes or library study sessions, there are typically a number of people walking through campus at all hours of the night.  However, more often than not campuses have too few lamps, most of which offer poor quality lighting, making nighttime walkers easy targets for criminals.


Lately, more and more college campuses, (and professional campuses for that matter,) have been making the change to LED lighting.  Not only will the change save on utility costs, but the brighter lighting provides better visual acuity, which increases the safety of those walking in the nighttime hours.


The University of Cincinnati, for example, just completed an LED lighting project on the very busy Seminole Street, specifically designed to improve safety.  Only six new LED lights have been installed thus far and the lighting difference is remarkable, as seen in this picture tweeted by UC President, Santa Ono:


image courtesy of Andrew Setters, WLWT5, Cincinnati, OH


Students have reported that the street brightening initiative is comforting, but the project is too recent to provide actual crime data.  The school has plans to put up between 200 and 300 more LED lights near campus in the coming months.


Not many safety measures have the ability to not only increase safety, but also decrease annual expenses and maintenance costs.  Switching to energy efficient LED lighting can help protect your students, employees, and patrons, but it will also save you money on utilities, reduce frequency of changing light bulbs, and lower your carbon emissions.  Call our offices today to see how your facility or campus can benefit from switching to LED.




Source: Andrew Setters, WLWT5, Cincinnati, OH

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