Renewable Energy to Double or Triple in 6 Years

  In 2016, electrical generation will largely come from renewables, according to the International Energy Agency's (IEA) Medium-Term Renewable Energy Market Report. Solar and wind will surpass natural gas, doubling nuclear output and coming in second only to coal in power generation.   Global renewable electricity generation is expected to grow from 4,860 terawatt-hours in 2012 […]

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Wind Energy 101

  Need a crash course in wind energy? The renewable is a hot topic when it comes to energy sources, especially in Kansas City where wind blows above average compared to most parts of the country.   But there's still a lot that business owners don't know about wind turbines, and how they can power […]

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Palo Alto Goes Solar

Deep in the heart of Silicon Valley is the city of Palo Alto, where solar recently became the cheapest in the country.   A municipal utility recently approved 80 megawatts in solar power purchase agreements (PPAs) to meet approximately 18 percent of the city's load, and essentially provide power for all 65,000 Palo Alto residents. […]

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Is Solar Thermal the Next Big Renewable?

Concentrated solar power (CSP) could unlock a clean energy future - if it clears the regulatory, technological, and financial hurdles in its way. The Center for American Progress recently released a white paper that estimates "CSP could add up to 16 gigawatts of baseload power globally within a few years, with a larger  return on […]

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U.S. Market Most Attractive for Renewable Energy

For the tenth year in a row, Ernst & Young released their findings for the top countries that are most attractive for renewable energy. This year the title goes to the United States. The annual Renewable Energy Country Attractiveness Index ranks 40 of the most active countries for renewables based on several factors including incentives, […]

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Solar Generators Gaining Popularity

An interesting article from the Clean Energy Authority shows that solar-powered generators are quickly becoming popular since super storm Sandy left thousands without power for weeks in 2012. Several companies have said that mobile solar generators are a great solution. A "trailer of solar panels and batteries offers a solid backup source of power that, […]

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Extending Energy Policies Would Reduce CO2 Emissions

The U.S. Energy Information Administration released a report stating that extending current energy policies could reduce annual carbon dioxide emissions in the U.S. "Policies that would need to be extended to achieve the reduction include the production tax credit for wind, biomass, geothermal and other renewable resources, and the investment tax credit for solar generation […]

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Is a Solar Energy Boom Coming Soon?

Much like natural gas, solar power is getting easier to store, and at a much lower price. The total solar energy hitting Earth each year is equivalent to 12.2 trillion watt-hours, so why isn't solar energy used more? Currently, photovoltaic solar panels produce only 0.7 percent of the energy the world uses. The U.S. Department […]

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City Embraces Solar Mandate

There's something about solar in California. The state has continued to rank the highest in solar energy production in the last few years, but is it because of a new trend? The town of Sebastopol in western Sonoma County is looking to pass an aggressive ordinance that will require residential and commercial buildings to include […]

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