Why Manufacturing Needs Natural Gas

Liquefied natural gas (LNG) producers have a surplus of shale gas, so what does that mean for us? Natural gas producers can either sell the fuel here in the U.S. or export it to Asia and Europe, where LNG fetches much higher prices. The America's Energy Advantage is a coalition created by U.S. manufacturers to […]

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Samsung Leading Energy Efficient Electronics

Every year there seems to be more and more energy efficient electronics on the market. Whether it’s refrigerators, washers, televisions, or even phones, nearly all new technology feature a much sharper focus on leading-edge energy efficiency. It’s no wonder since more consumers consider energy conservation or better battery performance in their purchasing decisions. That’s largely […]

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KCP&L Rates Increase 9.1 Percent in Missouri

State regulators on Wednesday approved a rate increase that will affect 600,000 customers in Missouri. Great Plains Energy, the parent company to Kansas City Power & Light, was granted $64 million of the $106 million requested. The increases varied among the utility’s three service areas. About half of the customers in the KCP&L territory will […]

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Efficiency Saves New England $260 Million in Transmission Costs

The energy efficient ripple effect is taking place in New England. While individual efficiency projects continue to grow, they accumulate across a regional grid, where efficiency savings add up quickly, as New England’s grid operator recently discovered. During the ISO-NE’s energy efficiency forecast the multi-state outlook saw a $260 million savings due to state and private programs […]

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Bring Efficiency to Your Office Next Year

Is energy efficiency in your future? If you're looking to improve the efficiency of your office next year, here are some helpful tips to keep in mind, courtesy of Clean Technica.

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Missouri Gas Energy Acquired by St. Louis Utility

The Laclede Group has reached an agreement to purchase Missouri Gas Energy for just over $1 billion. The Laclede Group, which owns the natural gas utility, reached an agreement with Southern Union, the parent company of Missouri Gas, and also includes the sale of Southern's New England Gas Co. The natural gas utility serves nearly […]

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KCP&L Rate Increase Approved in Kansas

Kansas City Power & Light customers in Kansas will soon see increases in their utility bill. The Kansas Corporation Commission on Thursday approved a $33.1 million (6.7 percent) annual rate hike. KCP&L originally asked for $63 million but subsequently reduced the request to $56 million to pay for environmental upgrades and a wind-energy project. The company said […]

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KCMO Businesses Saves More with New Energy Program

Thanks to the U.S. Department of Energy, commercial buildings in Kansas City, Missouri have a unique opportunity to save even more on lighting retrofits. The EnergyWorks program provides technical assistance to cities, counties, nonprofit, public, and private sector entities to improve the energy efficiency and operating costs of existing commercial and public buildings. The program […]

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Low-Hanging Energy Efficiency Retrofits

When it comes to energy efficiency, picking the low-hanging fruit might not be the best solution. While energy efficiency and utility savings are attractive, many companies implement the most cost-effective retrofits and quickest return on investment. Picking the low-hanging fruit implies there's more work to be done, and most people don't do the latter. Progress […]

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