California School District Turning to Solar to Save Big



Rosedale Union School District in Bakersfield, CA is set to install 1.8 MW of solar among nine different schools.  This solar project is expected to save the school district a whopping $55,000 each year in utility cost, adding up to over $2 million in savings over the next twenty years.  The goal of the project is not only environmental improvement and utility cost savings, but also the benefits that come with the schools having a fixed cost of energy.  Additionally, with less money being spent on utilities, more money can get put back into the students’ education.


Regarding the project, John G. Mendiburu, Ed.D, Superintendent, Rosedale Union School District, “In addition to the cost savings and added value to the classroom, this project helps reduce our carbon footprint and create a sustainable and brighter future for our children,” (SunEdison Press Release.)


Project Details:


Solar shade canopies are to be constructed throughout the parking lots of the various impacted schools of Rosedale Union School district.  This will serve faculty and students two-fold: the obvious utility cost savings that can be better used elsewhere in the classroom, as well as shade for the vehicles in the parking lots.



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Source: SunEdison Partners with Rosedale Union School District,

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