California City Upgrades Street Lighting: Reduces Energy Usage by 65%



In a press release from Cree, Inc., the benefits of transforming high-pressure sodium, (HPS,) street lights to LED are clearly evident.  Cree Inc. initially took part in converting a large quantity of HPS street lights in Los Angeles, a project that produced such a quality outcome that the city of San Louis Obispo, CA followed suit.  In this case study, more than 2,000 of San Louis Obispo’s outdated HPS city lights were converted to Cree LED street lights with the goal of not only enhancing light quality for the city, but also saving money on maintenance costs while reducing energy consumption.  The LED lighting is expected to cut energy usage by a whopping 65%.


Residents of San Louis Obispo should experience multiple benefits of the lighting upgrade, including brighter, more precise street lighting, taxpayer dollars distributed elsewhere rather than on maintenance costs, and overall energy efficiency of the city. It is projected that the new LED street lights will save the city approximately 750,000 kilowatt-hours of energy and save almost 395,000 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions each year.


Read the full press release and case study.


Source: Wall Street Journal



While some cities in the Kansas City metro area have already converted to LED street lighting, recently Independence, MO. for example, more are surely to come as it impossible to deny the numerous benefits LED conversion can bring to a municipality.  Likewise, converting commercial lighting systems can have the same impact for businesses.  Cost savings from maintenance and energy usage can be better allocated to benefit the customer, not to mention the environmental impact from reducing greenhouse gases.  Worldwide Energy specializes in custom, energy efficiency lighting solutions.  Call our offices today at 913.310.0705.


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