Building Power Use in NYC

New York City is full of older buildings that could benefit from power correction and energy efficient retrofits.

Building power use can be an uneven process. Uneven as in more sections of the buildings take up more power and energy. A great example is the recent power use study by New York City’s Office of Long-Term Planning and Sustainability.

The report estimated that if the city improved poor-performing buildings to reach the median level of energy use in their categories, that the city’s energy consumption would decline at least 18 percent. Greenhouse gas emissions could decline by 24 percent.

“Changes that could improve the energy consumption of a typical building range from simple fixes, like new light fixtures, to fairly expensive equipment, like solar panels.”

Building power use is often the cause for large utility bills, especially when it comes to older buildings. Power correction is one way to resolve power problems, and reduce energy use.

Source: New York Times

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