Apple’s at it Again, Creating a $2 Billion Solar-Powered Command Center


Apple Inc. is one of the growing number of corporate giants to adopt renewable energy strategies into everyday business practices.  In addition to the obvious benefits to the environment, the new energy savings models these mega-corporations are using save the companies tremendous amounts of money on utilities while providing an excellent source of positive media attention.  In many cases, these efficiency upgrades can go so far as to enhance public opinion of the company and increase customer base.  (Read more here.)


Apple’s latest major project to be announced is the construction of a solar-powered, global command center in Mesa, AZ.  The investment will cost the company $2 billion over the next thirty years.  In addition to Apple’s benefits from the project, the city of Mesa is expected to reap the benefits as well.  From around 150 long term Apple jobs and up to 500 trade jobs during construction, to the spotlight and global focus on the city during construction and for years upon completion, Mesa’s economy stands to gain substantial reward.


The 1.3 million square foot facility will run exclusively off solar power from an expected 70-megawatt power plant, an extraordinary feat considering the massive size and energy usage of the command center.  In fact, electricity generated will amount to the equivalent needed to power 14,000 homes.



apple solar farm


image courtesy: Screen Capture – CleanTechnica


Although impressive as part of a massive project such as Apple’s global command center, renewable energy is accessible for even small businesses.  Stop by our “Renewable Energy” page on our site to learn more about solar PV arrays in addition to other renewable energy sources, or contact one of our office for more information.



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