3 Natural Gas Trends to Watch for in 2014

2014 is the year for natural gas. Here are three trends to watch out for:


1. Natural gas for electricity

Natural gas is most often used for electricity. As a more affordable alternative, natural gas prices have been heading higher over the last two years.


“Utilities without major natural-gas stakes are egging on the expense. Exelon stock is down 8% for 2013 as the nuclear-centric utility struggled to keep its fleet competitive with new natural-gas plants.

If Cornew is correct, Exelon’s nuclear could be back in competitive business. And while natural gas power plants won’t be the golden ticket they once were, they should continue to play an important role in power production.”


2. Natural gas for transportation

Natural gas is increasingly replacing traditional transportation fuels. There are now 644 compressed-natural-gas stations across the nation, allowing companies like United Parcel Service to replace major portions of their gas-guzzling fleet with natural-gas vehicles.


And it’s not just UPS. In Q3 2013, Clean Energy Fuels Corp customers ordered 70% more natural-gas vehicles than in Q3 2012. In the last 16 years, the company has designed, built, owned, and operated almost 450 natural-gas fueling stations — more than all of its competitors combined. With Clean Energy Fuels Corp stock prices down around 50% from a 2012 spike, now might be a good time to get in on this long-term trend.


3. Natural gas for LNG Exports
Finally, our nation’s natural gas isn’t just for Americans. The Department of Energy is increasingly giving the thumbs up to natural-gas exports to non-Free Trade Agreement countries.


In 2011, Cheniere Energy was the first to gain approval, for its $6 billion Louisiana facility. And while Cheniere Energy remains the only corporation with export facilities under construction, other companies are working hard to catch up.


Dominion Resources  received the go-ahead to expand its $3.6 billion Maryland Cove Point plant in September and will ship U.S. gas as far away as Japan and India. Dominion Resources’ northeast location makes it unique from other export areas, but it could offset some of the cheaper gas prices coming from Marcellus shale production.


With 30 more applications currently under review, LNG natural gas exports seem set to grow in 2014.


Source: The Motley Fool

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