10 Mistakes of Corporate Sustainability Reporting

Corporate sustainability reporting has been enacted in many large companies as a way to track energy usage. When done incorrectly however, CSR can do more harm than good. Here are ten mistakes to avoid for your CSR report:

  • Weak goals: know what success looks like for your company and build your CSR around that
  • Mismanaged data: collect good data, and assign responsibilities to trained people to check for accuracy
  • Disordered priorities: prioritize sustainability in the CSR reports as well as financial performance
  • Discounting feedback: take advice from third parties such as auditors
  • Breaking the rules: good reporting should follow a trusted framework or guideline
  • Tenuous comparisons: know how sustainable you are compared to your industry peers, not your own benchmarks
  • Unreachable targets: make your targets relevant and aggressive, but still achievable
  • Underreporting: communicate your progress in a variety of ways and in different media
  • Thinking short-term: don’t turn down a sustainable opportunity because of a higher price tag or longer ROI
  • Inadvertently greenwashing: don’t focus solely on the positives; make reporting meaningful by acknowledging areas for improvement

Source: Greenbiz.com


By Gaylen Davenport

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