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The Natural Gas Boom is Coming


America is on the brink of a long-term economic boom, according to author Charles Morris in his new book, “Comeback: America’s New Economic Boom.”


In the book, Morris argues that the natural gas boom “will encourage investment in America’s infrastructure, increase productivity, and create millions of middle-class jobs.”


During an interview with US News, Morris discusses how the shale oil and gas can help spur manufacturing by reducing energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions by traditional power sources such as coal.


Some challenges that stand in the way of a natural gas boom is not enough infrastructure, a way to transport the gas to areas that need it, and to reduce the amount of methane in the drilling process.


“Without methane, natural gas is the cleanest burning fuel. It releases about half of the CO2 load that conventional oil does.”


Read the full interview with Morris at US News.com.

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