Step One

Facility Assessment

Step Two

Custom Energy Solution

Step Three

Complete Design & Installation

Step Four

Rebate & Incentive Procurement

Step Five


Our Process

  • Facility Assessment
  • Custom Energy Solution
  • Complete Design & Installation
  • Rebate & Incentive Procurement
  • Recycling & Project Financing
Office Lighting Solutions

Custom Energy Solutions

As an energy service company in Kansas City, WorldWide Energy offers custom energy solutions to businesses looking to save on utility costs and reduce their energy usage. Our integrated, comprehensive approach to energy efficiency eliminates the barriers that business owners typically face when considering energy efficiency projects.


Rising energy costs impact nearly every aspect of your business, so we recommend making energy efficiency a primary component of most business investment decisions. For instance, a study done by the State of California found that investing an additional 3-5% on initial construction costs resulted in energy savings of 50% over the life of a building. WorldWide Energy’s broad range of expertise makes evaluating your options fast and simple, as a “one-stop” provider of custom energy efficient solutions.


WorldWide Energy offers the latest technology to meet energy conservation standards. We partner with only the best vendors across America to ensure quality and innovative products that provide years of use. With us, you’ll be able to benefit from such services and products as:


  • Commercial lighting
  • Solar installation
  • LED Lighting
  • Lighting and controls
  • Mechanical systems
  • Energy Audit


Drawing on years of experience as an energy service company, WorldWide Energy develops custom energy solutions projects for our clients in Kansas City, Lenexa, and the surrounding areas. We have helped hundreds of businesses large and small, as well as nonprofits, governmental agencies and higher education institutions. We have implemented projects for schools, warehouses, offices, and manufacturing and industrial facilities.

Beyond Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is more than just a trend. It is essential to controlling business costs, reducing energy use, and marketing your company. In fact, most businesses will see a 20 to 30 percent savings on utility bills.   More importantly, the less energy that we use, the better it is for the environment. From lighting retrofits to renewable solar energy, efficiency projects demonstrate the improvements being made toward a more sustainable future.   Worldwide Energy focuses on waste reduction, recycling, and green energy conservation in all of our efforts. To date, our projects have helped our clients save more than $1 million annually in utility costs, and continue to offset  pounds of carbon emissions.
Pounds of Carbon Emissions Offset