Commercial Lighting Retrofits


For most businesses, energy costs are one of the biggest operating expenses, and with costs rising six to eight percent annually, that’s not an expense you can ignore. But there are ways businesses can maximize their energy savings, including updating to a more energy efficient lighting system.


The Department of Energy (DOE) recently banned the use of common T12 linear fluorescent lights in order to accelerate the move to more energy efficient alternative technologies, leaving some businesses unsure of how to maintain or upgrade their existing lighting systems.


An updated lighting system not only ensures that you are compliant with standards, but can help you reduce energy use up to 50%, reduce utility costs, and improve lighting levels.


Businesses who procrastinate updating to more efficient lighting technology will find the obsolete T12 lamps harder to find and more expensive. While replacements may currently be available, many experts believe T12 lamps will become extinct in the U.S. market faster than many anticipate.


If businesses need another compelling reason to upgrade now, most would say the availability of incentives from some electric utility companies is it. In the greater Kansas City area for example, KCP&L and Independence Power and Light currently offer rebates and incentives to customers who perform a variety of efficiency upgrades.


When filed correctly, rebates and tax incentives can help offset a large portion of your investment, and more efficient technology can significantly reduce your monthly utility bill.


While most businesses want to become more energy efficient, there are common hurdles for business owners to overcome including lack of financing, technical expertise, and knowledge of utility and tax incentives. Don’t let it slow you down. The key is finding the right partner to help you on your road to energy efficiency.