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Upgrade to Better Lighting

recent article claims that more efficient lighting could save the U.S. $10 billion by replacing existing fluorescent lighting.

According to a study commissioned by the Department of Energy, commercial buildings were found to have the largest share of lighting energy use, about 51%, followed by residential and industrial buildings.

The two largest commercial lighting energy users are fluorescent and incandescent, which accounts for 56% and 32% of annual energy usage respectively. But with the recent Department of Energy mandates, the commonly-used T12 lamps will no longer be manufactured effective July 14, 2012.

Replacing outdated and inefficient lighting not only saves money, but can be a significant step in reducing energy use and cost.

In his article encouraging government facilities to consider lighting retrofits, Kurt Vogel wrote, “Lighting retrofits are an ideal solution to achieve energy-efficient and aesthetically pleasing luminaries while also supporting sustainability goals.”

U.S. Senate Committee Hearing

Last week, the U.S. Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee heard testimony on innovative ways for financing energy efficient building retrofits.

A panel of energy and real estate experts told Congress it could improve building energy efficiency, without ongoing governmental funding, by “streamlining efficiency standards and encouraging innovative financing techniques.”

As more and more business look to energy efficient buildings to reduce expenses, improve property values, create productive working areas, and reduce toxic pollution, the testimony could not come at a better time. In fact, the panel, which included the CEO of Real Estate Roundtable (RER), Jeffrey Deboer, testified that energy efficiency is critical to their businesses, and many clients seek out energy efficient buildings.

There’s no doubt that the energy efficiency industry is growing and creating jobs, so the need to invest in efficient buildings is a definite bright spot for future investments.

The full committee hearing can be heard here.

Source: Natural Resources Defense Council 

Common T12 Lighting Rendered Obsolete in July 2012

T12 Phase Out July 2012Due to recent Department of Energy mandates, magnetic T12 lamps and ballasts will no longer be manufactured or imported in the United States. This phase-out becomes effective July 14, 2012.

Businesses throughout the U.S. will be heavily impacted by the impending T12 lamp and ballast phase-out. The National Lighting Bureau estimates over 500 million T12 lamps and ballast are still being utilized throughout the U.S.

The government is offering large tax deduction benefits which help off-set investment costs. Many local utility service providers are also offering incentives for consumers to reduce their energy consumption. Kansas City-based KCP&L is offering a rebate program currently for Missouri customers. However, with the deadline approaching for T12 regulations, the KCP&L rebate program application has been withdrawn.

“We have already seen it. But in the coming months, I believe we will see even more property managers and business owners seeking our help to maximize their energy efficiency, but more importantly replace or retrofit their T12 lighting. Right now inventories are still stocked, but as they deplete, replacements lamps will become extinct in the U.S. market faster than many anticipate,” responded Hunter Kasten, Director of Business Development at Worldwide Energy.

Kasten added, “If a customer were to act now, utility and government incentives would cover over half the cost as a result of the implementation of low wattage fixtures.”

Many business owners and property managers are unaware of the changes in federal energy consumption regulations and the programs offered to help achieve a lighting transition affordably.

“My biggest concern is one day in the near future maintenance employees and commercial building tenants are going to go and try to buy T12 lamps and will realize they are no longer available. When this happens, property managers will begin to receive phone calls and CEOs will then be made aware of the situation. By that time the incentives will most likely be gone,” Kasten said in closing.

June 2012 Feature Client – BRB Transmission

Each month Worldwide Energy features a client that we have worked with to showcase not only our portfolio, but also our client’s business.

BRB Transmission Before and After

Project Scope:

BRB Transmission allowed us to come in and completely replace/retrofit every light fixture throughout their facility. All T12s were replaced with T8 technology in the office area. After conducting our facilities survey, we decided to implement a complete retrofit of all fixtures in the shop area; this allowed us to maximize efficiency while keeping costs low. BRB Transmission also had several outdated exterior fixtures; we replaced all exterior lights with LED fixtures.

Lighting Upgrade Savings:

  • Rebates and EPAct incentives off-set the total project cost by 65%
  • Annual Savings with new lighting technology are estimated at $1,273
  • Return on investment in 23 months

BRB Transmission

BRB Transmission is located in the heart of Kansas City, MO. Our shop strives to provide prompt and courteous service to all who visit our automotive transmission repair facility in the hope that you will come back to us for all of your automotive automatic transmission repair needs. Additionally our shop promises to diagnose transmission problems for all of our local and surrounding area customers in an honest and expert manner.

Each transmission technician is highly qualified and ready to deliver their expert automotive transmission repair technician knowledge & skills for your every automatic transmission repair need. BRB Transmission Shop is proud to be affiliated with the non-profit organization known as the Automatic Transmission Rebuilder Association (ATRA). As an ATRA member our automatic transmission repair shop adheres to the service and repair definitions which are a part of the ATRA bylaws and code of ethics.

Click here to visit BRB Transmission’s website.

Sales and Marketing Assistant Position Just Posted!

Sales and Marketing Assistant
We are looking for a highly motivated person to join our office team in the role of Sales and Marketing Assistant. We are a fast growing company based out of Lenexa, Kansas and need someone who has a tremendous desire to develop as the company grows.

Worldwide Energy, Inc. is a woman-owned commercial energy efficient solutions company. We help businesses learn about their energy consumption and create tailored plans to reduce utility costs. In layman’s terms we help companies save money by “going green!” We specialize in lighting, HVAC, solar, natural gas, destratification methods, building envelope solutions and we just added a new electrical contracting division. We value our employees and offer internal training opportunities and mentorship to learn the many facets of what we do.

Executive Summary: The Sales & Marketing Assistant is a critical position in our office, ensuring timely processing of data entry, proposal generation and interfacing via phone with clients and sales representatives. This position also presents our company image at events, our company website, monthly newsletter and social media outlets. This is a full-time regular Monday-Friday, 8AM-5PM position.

Sales & Marketing Assistant Job Duties:

  • General office correspondence – phone reception, email, meeting attendance and minutes;
  • Support sales presentations by performing data entry and assembling proposals, videos, slide shows, demonstration and product capability booklets;
  • Maintain client contact database and newsletter list;
  • Responsible for client follow-up and closing client files
  • Update website(WordPress CMS), blog and social media on frequent basis
  • Prepare and send out monthly e-newsletter
  • Prepare press releases and sales materials as needed
  • Expand job knowledge by participating in educational opportunities;
  • Coordinate shared calendar
  • Utilize Microsoft Office Suite on daily basis (Word, Excel, Outlook, Publisher, PowerPoint)

The ideal candidate will have a college degree and 2-3 years experience in an administrative role and have knowledge of business language and excellent organizational and communication skills. They must also possess executive acumen, tact, and diplomacy and must possess effective verbal and written communication skills, and good organizational skills.

Please email your resume with a cover letter to or fax to 913-310-0736

Salary & Benefits:
$26-30K starting salary, depending on experience
Health, dental, life insurance & 401K options

May 2012 Feature Client – WC Tingle

Each month Worldwide Energy features a client that we have worked with to showcase not only our portfolio, but also our client’s business.

Before and After Photo

“[Our account executive] was outstanding! What a pleasure to work with. We look forward to future lighting projects. Would definitely recommend Worldwide Energy to others.”

Matthew Seidelman

– Facilities Manager, W.C. Tingle Company

Project Scope:

At WC Tingle, we had the opportunity to upgrade their existing interior lighting technology with efficient fixtures throughout. We also added motion in areas with the most opportunity for reducing energy consumption.

Lighting Upgrade Savings:

  • Rebates and EPAct incentives off-set the total project cost by 68%
  • Annual Savings with new lighting technology are estimated at $11,392
  • Return on investment in 21 months

Tingle Flooring

With offices in Kansas City, St. Louis and Denver, tingle carries a wide variety of brands for every flooring application. tingle is the Midwest’s premier wholesale floor covering distributor carrying hard and soft surface products including wood, ceramic, resilient and carpet.

With a rich history of providing a broad-spectrum portfolio of products, tingle is a reliable distribution partner with layers of quality, service and teamwork above and below the surface.

Click here to visit the Tingle Flooring website.

Utility Rates on the Rise

Update for KCP&L Missouri Customers

-from KCP&L’s #1 Rebate Procurer – Worldwide Energy

Rebates are ending for Missouri customers. Companies can save up to $60,000 in utility rebates to upgrade to more energy-efficient technology. Need to take advantage of these rebate funds? Call us today at 913-310-0705 – we’ll partner with you on your project and ensure your satisfaction.

At Worldwide Energy we have noticed a trend over the last few months – utility rates are climbing in the foreseeable future. February 27, KCP&L filed a 15% rate increase application with Missouri regulators. April 21, KCP&L made a similar rate request (12.9%) for Kansas customers.

Here are a few excerpts from The Kansas City Star’s most recent article on KCP&L’s rate increase requests:

KCP&L seeks 12.9 percent rate increase in Kansas

Average customer would pay $150 more a year for electricity. Utility has similar request pending in Missouri.

KCP&L on Friday asked regulators to raise rates by 12.9 percent for its customers in Kansas.

The request, if approved by the Kansas Corporation Commission, would raise annual revenues by $63.6 million and raise an average residential electric bill by nearly $150 a year.

Jim Zakoura, an Overland Park lawyer who represents large Kansas commercial users of electricity, said the request filed Friday was hard to accept, especially after several rate increases from 2007 to 2011.

“Every effort must be made to manage cost, or large-volume users can’t remain competitive,” he said.

David Springe, head of the Citizens’ Utility Ratepayer Board in Topeka, which represents consumers on utility issues, said electric bills for KCP&L’s Kansas customers had already climbed about 55 percent since 2007.

A residential customer using 1,500 kilowatts a month has seen monthly bills rise from $116.18 in 2007 to $179.66 in 2011, Springe said. The increases include higher electricity rates, and higher fuel costs that the utility has been allowed to pass through to customers.

“This is going to be a hard pill for consumers, and we’re going to take a hard look and try to convince the commission to trim it,” Springe said.

Regulators pre-approved the environmental upgrades, Springe said, so that part of the rate increase will essentially be automatic unless the utility is found to have been imprudent in spending on the upgrades.

By Steve Everly
The Kansas City Star

To read the full story, click here

Radio, Rebates and T12 Upgrades

Listen Now!

April 14th, Worldwide Energy’s Vice President and COO, Gaylen Davenport appeared on The Peter Newman show on KC’s 980 AM KMBZ. Gaylen spoke regarding the end of KCP&L rebates for Missouri customers as well as the phase-out of T12 lighting technology.

The Peter Newman Show is a popular radio show amongst business leaders in the KC Metro area. Peter Newman’s show Moneyline focuses on helping Americans better understand tax strategies that make dollars and sense.

Bill Oades from Blue Valley Goodyear also appeared on the show. Worldwide Energy has worked with him on a few projects.

Please join us on The Peter Newman Show again Saturday May 5, 2012 for the latest on rate increases, rebates and T12 lighting upgrades!

Difference in Customer Service

I read today in the Kansas City Chamber of Commerce’s Business Intelligence Brief a short story regarding customer service experiences. Here is the story:

Feeling Your Pain

The last 24 hours have been instructive – some lessons on customer service from both the really bad to the really good. As I was trying to leave my home airport I discovered too late that I had entered the wrong gate complex. I fly about three times a week – every week. In all that time I had never entered a different gate complex and force of habit carried me to the usual place. I am through TSA inspection before realizing my error and it is at this point that some delightful TSA guy goes into a tirade about it not being their fault and that I have to check the monitors. It is a rant. At no point did I hint this was their problem, I just wanted to get to the right place. Customer ServiceWhen I finally exit and reenter the other gate the TSA guys wanted to know who stamped my boarding pass – seems that it WAS their fault and he should never have let me in the gate in the first place. Another exciting interaction with the TSA.

Another incident was when a very harried business guy is trying to hustle through the lobby of the Radisson in Rockford, Illinois. He is failing miserably in his attempt to be a multi-tasker as he is juggling his bags, a cell phone and a cup of coffee. You can imagine what happens next. The coffee is now all over his shirt and he exclaims in horror that he is to make a major presentation in less than an hour. The clerk behind the desk leaps behind the door and comes back with clean and pressed white shirt that he keeps there in case he needs a change. The guy now has a new shirt and while he was at the meeting the clerk had the coffee stained shirt cleaned and pressed and ready for him (he was not asked to do this and there was no charge). Was the hotel at fault in any way for this guy’s misfortune? Did it matter? The goal was to take care of the customer – period.

I couldn’t help but be concerned about the care and attention we give our clients here at Worldwide Energy. Throughout our process we aim to provide our clients with impeccable, turnkey service.

Call us and experience for yourself the difference in service at Worldwide Energy – 913-310-0705