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Better Light = Higher Productivity & Profits


With the focus of most lighting upgrades on energy efficiency and reducing maintenance costs, the impact of the right type and quantity of light on other aspects of your business are often times overlooked.
A study conducted by the American Society of Interior Design found that 68 percent of employees complain about the lighting situation in their offices.  The fact that such a substantial percentage of employees disliked their office lighting enough to complain about it implies that lighting is an extremely important and often overlooked consideration of many employers.  The two most common complaints about poor office lighting are lights that are too dim and lights that are too harsh, although inconsistent color and poorly maintained lighting also were mentioned.
A Case Study of Lighting’s Effect on Productivity,  Reduced Absenteeism, and Reduced Errors
In the late 1980s, the lighting systems in the U.S. post office in Reno, Nevada were renovated to make them more worker-friendly. The upgrade resulted in energy savings of about $50,000 per year, but the real improvements came in the form of employee productivity. Mail sorters in the facility became the most productive sorters in the western half of the country, machine operators boasted the lowest error rates, and the financial impact of the productivity increase was shown to boost revenue by approximately $500,000 per year. And this wasn’t an isolated incident. Countless other companies across the country have also noted productivity increases as the result of lighting renovations.
Beyond the functional considerations for visibility, lighting is also psychological, as it impacts how a person perceives the workplace. Studies have shown that happier workers are more industrious, their impression of the company is better, and they have lower absenteeism or turnover rates. The right fixtures can even foster creativity, boost morale, and encourage communication.



6 Unexpected Benefits Of An Energy Audit




Every business owner knows how much the rising cost of energy can affect their bottom line.  For those looking to increase efficiency and lower utility bills, an energy audit is the smartest place to start.


But what is an energy audit, you ask? Just as you’d call an accountant to help save on your taxes, you can count on companies like Worldwide Energy—which offers custom energy solutions to businesses looking to reduce their energy use—and its certified energy auditors to assess your facility for maximum energy-saving opportunities.


Before you begin any overhauls to your lighting or energy systems, get on the right path by starting with a detailed energy audit by a company that clearly understands your goals.


See what Mid-America Car President Frank Blanc has to say about choosing the right company.


Here are some of the benefits of an energy audit.  


1. Smarter upgrades

Getting an energy auditor’s opinion before you break ground on renovations can help you make more informed decisions. Their expertise can help you choose the right kind of lighting for your space while increasing efficiency and savings.

2. Custom energy solutions 

No two facilities are alike. Whether it’s an office building, a retail space, or a parking garage, energy auditors can develop a custom solution designed to maximize your building’s efficiency and lower your energy costs. Worldwide Energy’s custom solutions clearly outline the technology to be utilized, along with savings, incentives and the return on your investment.
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3. Increased efficiency

It’s no secret that an energy audit will get your space running as efficiently as possible. Worldwide Energy’s custom solutions have been shown to reduce energy costs and greenhouse emissions by up to 70%. Now that’s above and beyond.

4. Lower utility costs

Energy efficiency goes hand in hand with utility costs. Once your building achieves its lowest possible consumption, your energy bill will be slashed. That’s good for your bottom line and the planet.

5. Improved lighting quality

Lighting quality matters. When your product looks more attractive to consumers, retail sales increase. When offices are better lit, workplace morale and productivity goes up. Warehouses can improve lighting for greater workplace safety while well-lit parking lots can decrease liabilities for property owners.

See what Warehouse Manager Bill Keefer has to say about choosing the right light.

6. Maximum rebates

Start your upgrade process with an energy audit by Worldwide Energy, and its experts will secure maximum rebates and tax incentives to help fund your renovation projects. Financing is also available.
Worldwide Energy provides their clients with the information they need to make smart decisions regarding their energy efficiency initiatives. No matter what type of facility or the size of your project, they provide a variety of different audit and assessments to meet nearly every requirement—from a lighting-only audit to a DOE/Energy Star Benchmarking, and from compressed air studies to assessments of specific process equipment. Click here to schedule your energy audit with one of Worldwide Energy’s experts today.
The fixtures on the right have been retrofitted, while those on the left have not. See the difference?