October is Energy Awareness Month



It’s October and that means it’s Energy Awareness Month!


There are many ways to save energy but below is a list of things your company can do that guarantee maximum energy savings and cut your energy usage by 30-50%.


  • Update inefficient lighting – Updating your inefficient lighting will significantly reduce your energy usage.  If done by professionals, installers are in and out before you know it.  Not only will you save money but the quality of light will amaze you.  These upgrades usually have an attractive ROI.  In some cases there are financial incentives available to you.  Acquiring these incentives can be tricky so be sure to work with a company that specializes in maximizing these incentives.


  • Building Controls – Automated or scheduled lighting and HVAC controls allow you to turn off lighting and facilitate temperature setbacks during unoccupied periods, and reducing your energy consumption 10-30%


  • HVAC – Regular service and filter changes help your units run more efficiently and extend the life of the equipment.  If you have units that are more than 15 years old, you may have opportunities to upgrade to more efficient equipment that is up to 30% more efficient.


  • Refrigeration – Commercial refrigeration accounts for 20% of all energy used in the world. New eco-friendly systems can achieve savings of up to 85% through use of more energy efficient fans, motors and anti-sweat heater control models and night covers for reach-in coolers.


  • Air Stratification – Zoo Fans are designed for ceilings up to 65’ and gently circulate large volumes of air throughout a building to eliminate hot and cold spots by increasing the air comfort at floor level.  Most commercial buildings can save up to 25% on energy consumption.


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